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Never Been To NY?

New York is big and fast and overwhelming until you realize it's on a grid, very logical and that most people are nice and willing to help as long as you're quick about it.

Rule No.1 -- walk to the right. If you need to meander or stop, step to the side. Don't walk three or four abreast unless the sidewalk's huge and no one's around. You must share.

Rule No. 2 -- speed it up. This goes for everything, including having your MetroCard out before you reach the turnstile, knowing what show you want to see when you get to the TKTS window, and just moving out of the way when you get off the elevator or to the top of the stairs. Got a question? Be concise. People are a) busy, b) don't want to get sucked into a scam, and c) irritated with slow tourists.

If you go to the Statue of Liberty, reserve a monument pass in advance. If you go up the Empire StateBuilding, spend the extra $15 to get to the 102nd floor (in addition to the 86th like everyone else.)

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NYC 2017

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Travel to NYC dates 

         $150 One Night***Red Eyes $120


                   July 20-23 ONE NIGHT
                           Oct 6-9 Red EYE
                 Nov 30-Dec 3-  ONE NIGHT
                      Dec 1-3 - RED EYE
                     Dec 8-10  RED EYE

Don't see a date that works for you? 

We do private charters.
Getting Married in 2017?

Visit the Big Apple before you hit The Chapel. Tracy knows how to make it special.

DEPART FRIDAY  @8PM FROM Walmart Carriage Place BETHEL RD Columbus

[ Pick up sites available in Zanesville , Cambridge , Barnesville and St Clairsville for NYC]




The fine print: Late Payments:  ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE 1 MONTH PRIOR TO DEPARTURE DATE UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED. One form per guest.Forms must be complete or they will be rejected There are NO REFUNDS. All seats are transferable if notice is given seven days prior to departure date. If transfers are made less than seven days prior to departure; a fee of $49 per guest will be charged in addition to the original price. In the event a trip is canceled r/t weather alternate date will be assigned and/or a credit toward a future trip. Be advised that each trip must have 45 guests or is subject to cancellation. Trip insurance is available via Do NOT PURCHASE SHOW TICKETS ETC UNTIL WE HAVE GUESTS CONFIRMED **All payments are due one month prior to departure date** 

Special Occasion?

Great for celebrating:

  • Big birthdays
  • Girl's weekend
  • Group events
  • The "Big Apple Before The Chapel" (the Bride rides free with 20 paid guests)
  • "Promapalooza "(shopping trip to buy your prom dress)
  • "Botox and the Bus (a pre NYC Botox party at a board certified plastic surgeon's office before we depart)
  • Charter an American Girl Doll Adventure for mothers and daughters
  • "Wife Goes On"  for divorce support

Passengers must be 18 years old or accompanied by an adult.

Book a group of 50 or more and receive a free seat!

[Concierge services available upon request and you receive a free travel tips guide with each paid seat]

(Guests under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.)
*If paying with Paypal, we add $8.00 ($128 total) for processing
Credit Card payments via Square Up (3% fee applies)
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