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Being Present is The Best Present

Posted on August 21, 2016 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (3)

The Best Present is Being Present…

By Tracy Mcallister

With sugar plums dancing and my head spinning like Linda Blair at the sight of Halloween displays in August [they weren’t even back to school yet] You know what comes next Christmas carols and Salvation Army Bells fill my previously spinning head with the image of calendar pages flying and what Christmas gifts would make my almost grown kids crown me the queen of gift giving …maybe one of them will author a book highlighting their Holiday…. maybe a Broadway production on the scale of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas about our McAllister family gift giving traditions.

I vowed to make 2010 the best Christmas ever…after all how many more Christmases do I have to impress them with my Santa Savvy…husband and wives and grandchildren are not far off. So I ask my three teenagers what was the best Christmas gift you ever got? To my surprise all were ask separately and all of them recalled their favorite gifts. For both of my daughters it was a surprise trip to the Mall of America when they were 9 and 11[ a mother and daughters getaway]. My son did not hesitate to answer his astonishing trip to the 2002 National Championship [with Dad] to witness our Buckeyes rise to victory in Sedona.[the girls and I watched from home with a big bowl of limited addition Fiesta Bowl Tostitos and salsa]

So put down that Target gift card and make 2016 the year of the experience gift. Choose an alternative to the traditional gift from a city full of possibilities, and create a memory that lasts a lifetime. For $99.00” It’s Christmastime in The City” Redeye Bus Trips to New York City make the one size fits all gift. Be creative wrap up maps, brochures a travel book and an ”I Heart New York t-shirt” along with a Tracy’s Trips Travel voucher.

Our NYC trips make the perfect Holiday gift. “Experience” Christmas gifts are the most appreciated….spending time together and making memories that last long after other traditional gifts have lost their use [think the sweater you got last Christmas that is so 2015


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