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Who We Are

     In the beginning......  It all started when I was 6, watching Marlo Thomas in "That Girl" which is about a struggling actress who ventures out for the big city and all the mischief she encounters along side  her handsome publisher boyfriend, Donald Hollinger.


     Growing up in small  Steubenville,Ohio I daydreamed about making my big escape. However, my parents Frank and Martha  told me I would be killed and refused to let me go.  Instead, I ended up in   nearby Columbus where I met my own Donald Hollinger, my husband, Dominick.   


     My husband was born in the Bronx [my NYC connection]. Then came along 3 little blessing; Dominick Jr  ,Sarah  and Madison . By the way I wanted to name Sarah, "Brooklyn" but, I was over ruled by her father, who had naming rights because I had named Dominick jr. Soon I got my chance and picked   the name   for our next daughter "Madison" after watching the1984 New York City based movie with Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks   "Splash" the scene where   the mermaid   looks up and sees the Madison Ave sign and decides to call herself "Madison".


     I have infected my girls with the New york City bug. One of my  favorite New York  memories was celebrating Sarah's sweet sixteen with a group of her friends in the Big Apple. We were sighted on the TODAY Show with our pink commemorative  t-shirts and hats. Kate Hudson 's autograph and birthday wishes highlighted our 4:30 am arrival to Rockefellar Center.


     Canal street and knock off shopping is also a disease . I even got my nickname "Coco" from my many Chanel purchases.


     I formed my company to share my love of the Big Apple in a fun, safe atmosphere where the journey is part of the fun. Consider planning an adventure with us. Celebrate a big birthday, bachlorette party, family reunion,mother-daughter-sister bonding ,girlfriend get away, guy get away.  We can book a private event  charter for your organization . Nothing compares to Christmas in New York City.

Thank you for your interest in Tracy's Trips.  I am looking forward to sharing my obsession for all things New York with you.