Tracy's Trips

Life's a Trip


     Have you always wanted to go to beautiful New York? Want to see what the "Big Apple" has to offer? 

     Join us on a Red-Eye Bus Tour to see the city with your own eyes and spend the day in the big city. We use the number one bus service in the state of Ohio to comfortably get you to your destination and we will only ever supply you with the most professional of drivers to safely take you on this wonderful adventure.
We also have ONE night stays scheduled -hotel on your own but, we can help with suggestions!


Tracy’s Trips provides SAFE reliable transportation to New York City.  Beware of “copycat” trips.  Don’t sacrifice price for safety.  We have secure pick up and drop off sites. I have heard stories of being on a bus with objectionable people and being at the mercy of others.  All of our buses have a host, which cuts down on distractions for the driver.  We provide all of guests with our company phone number for questions, lost guests and emergencies.   Our company motto is” the journey is as important as the destination” words to heed, before pulling out the plastic.

One of our competitors boost a 9 ho

ur trip from Columbus, which is just plain not safe or accurate. Our company allows for mandatory rest breaks for our drivers, stretch and bathroom stops for our guests. We also ”build in time” for traffic, construction and freeway delays.  We would not want anyone to miss their event because of our poor planning.

Tracy’s Trips does everything  possible to make your trip a success.  We offer FREE travel planning and itineraries.